In For A Penny

(Originally posted to November 9, 2000)

Section: Gerald's Diary

Hey all you webfarers, welcome to this section of, your #1 source for the facts. This is Gerald, I'm one of our senior staff. To tell you the truth, our offices are little more than our dorm room and we paid for the web hosting a few days ago- but our intentions are sincere. We want to bring the truth to you, at any cost, and that includes going places other sources won't. I'm one of the editors and investigators, we'll delve into corruption on a Governmental level, corruption on a corporate level, and we'll also be fact-checking rumors. We are NOT a conspiracy theory or misinformation site, only a group of dedicated people doing what we think is right. My friend Hugh says that he's going to use some of his articles to write a study on the implementation of the Internet in mob persecution. I'm only here for the ride, but it could be an exciting ride and I'm ready for whatever lies on the road ahead. Hugh has sunk a lot of money into this project.

This is my personal section (of the site) where I share my thoughts and opinions on daily life, away from the more intense documentation of the "news" and "headlines" pages. If you found us through the Newsrat directory, please let us know your experience with them. We've e-mailed several directories and are still settling down on which one will provide us with the most traffic. Also, if you want to make a donation, please send a check or money order to the address provided on our Contact page. We really appreciate your support. If you have any stories you think are close to breaking, tip us off. We will follow any leads.