Security Clearance


I know you're into me. You can come out and say it. You don't even try to keep it a secret anymore. It's like you follow me around just to call me into the office so we can have long empty talks about nothing, and as a result I can't get any work done. This is completely inappropriate behavior, and at any other normal fucking job I would have the benefit of am HR department I could report you to, or at the very least there would be some kind of monetary incentive for me to quit. But I'm a volunteer. I work here because I believe in our mission. Please just stop this creepy behavior.

Is it because you're bored, Ellis? Because your marriage fell apart and your wife left you, so now you feel this is all you have remaining? If so, I don't know what to tell you. All I hope is that you find actual friends or someone who's as obsessed with this as you are. Because when you spend hours telling me about "crossing over" and "the others-" do you expect me to take you at face value? For fuck's sake. Ellis, I have a doctorate in media studies. I could be teaching at seminars right now, going to worldwide conferences in Paris and Madrid, and instead I choose for whatever reason- maybe out of an altruistic one- to help you decipher these VHS tapes and MiniDiscs and rejected Imax formats and other assorted crap. So please, the least I ask is some respect.

I know maybe this won't resonate with you, so let me phrase it in your terms- when you bother me, ask me what I'm doing later with that smug grin on your face, it feels like how I assume you feel when you wake up in the middle of the night and one of "the others" is standing at the foot of your bed and smiling. Just think of it like that, okay?